Summer brings about the time of year when concerns surface regarding many outdoor activities.  Here is a list of articles about some of those topics.

July 4th

With the July 4th holiday here are some important reminders.

Leave Fireworks to the the pros. “Each July 4th, thousands of people, most often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks.”

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Unhealthy Air Quailty.  The Health Department has released and advisory for this 4th of July due to high concentrations of smoke in the air.  “It is very likely that there will be high concentrations of fine particle pollution due to fireworks,” said Chris Schroeder, LLCHD Air Quality Program Supervisor. “Those most affected are the young, the elderly, and those sensitive individuals with respiratory conditions.” 

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Insect Repellent

With the nicer, warmer weather upon us many people are venturing outside, sharing space with the local biting insects like mosquitoes and ticks. Although severe complications from insect-borne illnesses in our area are rare, the other minor discomforts they cause lead many to search for a repellent.

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Sun Safety

Melanoma is the seventh most frequent cancer in the US. Sunburns in childhood increase a person’s risk of this deadly disease. It is estimated that 80% of a person’s lifetime of sun exposure occurs before the age of 18. We can help decrease this risk for our children by avoiding direct sunlight and using sunscreens appropriately.

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Water Safety

Drowning is an all too common cause of death and injury to children. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is the leading cause of death in children 12-23 months, and the second leading cause of death for children 1 –19 years of age.

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Playground Safety

It is that time of year again when families begin to enjoy much of their free time outdoors. This often involves playing on playground equipment. In 2009, more than 230,000 children visited hospital emergency rooms due to playground injuries. We do not want your child to be one of them!!

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