Specialty Services

Asthma Clinics

Asthma Clinics are held at each of our office locations. Each appointment focuses on assessment of your child’s asthma health and education for you and your child.

Behavior Clinic

Behavior Clinics are offered with Dr. Akhtar Niazi. These extended appointments are for children who encounter various behavioral issues. The clinic typically focuses on autism, attention deficit disorder, and other behavior-related diagnoses.

Car Seat Safety Check Clinics

Car Safety Checks are available to make sure that you are using your child’s car seat properly. The seat checks are performed by Complete Children’s Health Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

Dermatology Clinic

Dermatology Clinics are offered with Dr. Sahra Niazi. These appointments are for children with
 varying dermatological conditions (involving the skin, hair and nails) that can be common and not so

Dry Nights Clinic

This specialty clinic works with children and adolescents age 6 and older with enuresis (bedwetting). Dry Nights Clinic works with motivated and committed parents with their children with a goal of successful training for night time dryness with the use of an alarm system.

Fussy Baby Clinic

This clinic is for infants 2-8 weeks of age with no chronic medical conditions and born more than 34 weeks gestation. The intent of this clinic is to provide purposeful medical-based visits that will offer an overall understanding of a “fussy baby” through physical assessment, education, and continuity of care along with close follow up with the family.

Information about MSPI can be found here.
Information about a Milk free diet for Mom can be found here.

Kindergarten Physical Days

Each spring and summer Complete Children’s Health offers special clinics for Kindergarten and Sports Physicals. Your child goes through each of the necessary stations for their kindergarten physical followed by fun activities celebrating their adventure to kindergarten.

Lactation Services

As part of our commitment to encourage and promote breastfeeding in our community, Complete Children’s Health offers Lactation Consultants to help new mothers and their babies get every benefit from breastfeeding. The Lactation Consultants can assist you with breastfeeding questions, nursing techniques and questions. We also offer breast pumps and other breastfeeding products.

Psychology Services

Our psychologists provide services to children, adolescents, and their families for developmental, behavioral, emotional, and social problems.  The psychologists collaborate with the patients’ pediatricians to provide a comprehensive assessment and treatment.  Psychology Services are available at all three office locations.

Synagis Clinics

Synagis Clinics offer medication for children that are at risk for Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). This medication has been shown to prevent serious RSV disease in premature babies, children with chronic lung disease and some congenital heart diseases. Synagis Clinics are seasonal and typically run fall through spring at our Northwoods Drive location.