We continue to ride the COVID wave together during this ever-evolving time.   We thank our CCH kids and caregivers for your constant support and patience and ask you for a bit more. We are doing our best to serve you and keep our staff and healthy patients healthy.  Please consider the following recommendations when coming into our offices.

It is never too late to VACCINATE!  Kids 5 and up are now eligible and boosters are now RECOMMENDED for all adolescents 12 and up with a completed series as long as the last dose was given 5 months ago. Parents, we can vaccinate you too!  The booster may not prevent all infections with Omicron, but it has been shown to decrease the severity and keep you out of our very full and over-stressed hospitals.  Just ask when you come in with your child.

Due to the increased risk of spread with the Omicron variant, please consider minimizing the number of people that come in the office with your sick or healthy child.  Remoting in from the car or home are a great ways to be present as well.

Don’t forget Telehealth!  This is always an option.

We ask for your patience in testing.  Shortages of supplies may dictate if we can perform an in-house COVID PCR or if we need to send it out to our lab at UNMC.  Due to overwhelming demand for testing, the send out tests may take 48-72 hours. You will be notified of negative results by the portal and positive results by phone?   It is always best to quarantine with respiratory symptoms and fevers during times of high infections rates.  So just sit tight, the health care system is overrun and we are doing our best to get these to you in a timely manner.

Consider double masking, layering a cloth mask over the top of a surgical mask, to maximize protection against spread of virus, and don’t forget our old friend social distancing!

Continue to show kindness to our CCH family and our Lincoln community!  We are all in this together!