We are pleased to announce that we have reopened our West location at 1336 West A Street!  We will be using the West A location to see primarily ill patients with potentially infectious conditions.

We have taken a number of steps to promote the safety of all of our patients and staff at this location.  We have added ionizing air scrubbers to all of the furnaces to clean the air as it circulates through our furnaces.  In addition, we will be using medical grade HEPA 13 air filtering machines throughout the clinic to clean the air between patients.  We have also installed direct to outside ventilation fans in rooms that we will be using for respiratory swabbing (for example:  Strep, COVID, and influenza testing) to remove airborne droplets to the outside and not into the clinic.  Finally, we have also added glass panels to better separate and protect patients and staff as they move through our office.

By opening our West A location in this way, we’re able to convert our East office at 8201 Northwoods Drive back to traditional pediatric location much like our South and North offices.  We will temporarily close the East location from October 1-17 to perform a deep clean and restock for it’s more traditional role.  On October 18, 2020, East (Northwoods) will reopen as a primarily well location.  In addition to doing well child care at our North, South, and East locations, we’re also scheduling non-infectious sick visits like behavioral health, acute injuries, chronic disease management, and other concerns.

Complete Children’s Health is very excited to be able to provide care from all four of our office locations.  We are dedicated to providing care at each office in a way that promotes the safety and health of patients, patient families, and our staff.   The year 2020 has been extraordinary and has tested all of us in ways we could not ever have imagined. We appreciate your faith in us as medical providers and we want you to know how much we appreciate and care for all of our patients and their families.