The pediatricians of Complete Children’s Health strongly encourage you to obtain a flu vaccine for your child. We have convenient weekday and weekend flu vaccine clinic appointments available. Please call our office now to schedule your appointment. Flu vaccines will also be offered at all well child checks, asthma clinic appointments and office visits if your child is not too ill to be vaccinated.

We have two types of vaccine available for the 2018/2019 influenza season. The injected vaccine (shot) and the nasal spray vaccine (Flumist). The shot is available for all children 6 months of age and older. Flumist is available for healthy children 2 years of age and older. While the shot historically offers the most consistent protection against flu, the Flumist is an option that also provides protection. The state of Nebraska has only a very small supply of Flu Mist, consequently, we are not able to offer Flu Mist to patients served by the Vaccines For Children (VFC) program.