frequently asked questions

general questions

Q. If I chose one of your physicians as my primary care doctor and I am unable to get my child in to that physician on a given day, can I see another physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner in your group without a referral?

A. Yes, you are able to see any physician within our group and no referral is needed. Our physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practioners all participate with the same insurance plans and are able to cover for each other in the event you are not able to be seen by your primary care physician.

Q. Why must I show my insurance card at each visit?

A. It is the policy of this office to verify your insurance at each visit. Often, insurance plans can make small changes, such as your group number or your co-payment, even though you stay with the same carrier. Your employer may also change plans. In order to most accurately bill insurance on your behalf, we strive to verify this information at each visit.


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