CCH wants you to know the facts about Coronavirus or COVID-19.

There has been increasing media coverage and concern regarding the risks of COVID-19, also known as the “novel coronavirus”. This is an evolving situation and one to which we are paying very close attention. At the current time the risk of infection is considered to be low. We will continue to be in contact with authorities of our local, state, and federal health departments. Presently it is very reassuring that there are no documented cases in Nebraska.  Perhaps even more reassuring is the mounting evidence that children seem less vulnerable to COVID-19 having reportedly fewer complications and less progression to severe disease.


At this time if our patient or their caregivers have recently travelled to a known COVID-19 impacted area or if they have had direct contact with a known case, we ask that you call us before coming into the office so we can follow the currently established guidelines and potentially avoid exposure to patients and providers in our offices.  These guidelines are constantly changing so if you aren’t sure please call first. The Nebraska Public Health Department has asked that recent travelers to high risk areas self-report.

This can be done online here:


What can you do?

The best defense in general to viral infections of this nature are the same common sense hygiene practices that should be considered every flu season.


Here is a reliable list of practical things you and your family can do to prepare:



We are here to help!

If you have concerns about your child please call us with your questions.  Our triage nurses can help or get you connected with the right resources to help you and your loved ones.