To My Dearest Patients and Their Families,

After 18 years of being a Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, it is with a great deal of sadness that I announce my departure from Complete Children’s Health. Having suffered complications following a total hip replacement this spring, I realized that I need an extended break from the rigors of an active pediatric practice.  The advent of COVID-19 put an exclamation point on it, and made me realize that it is time for me to put my health and the health of my family first.

I am confident that all of you will be able to find a home with another CCH provider as they have assured me that they would welcome all of you into their patient panels.

I hope this isn’t a good bye….but more of a let’s get stronger together.  Stay Well, Stay Healthy, and I adore each and every one of you!




Jamie Draper, APRN

Complete Children’s Health