To all my valued patients and families,


I am reaching out to let you know that after 24 years of full-time practice at Complete Children’s Health, I will be slowing down to half-time starting in April.  I will be spending the rest of my time as Chief Medical Officer for a subsidiary of Bryan Health, specifically Bryan Health Connect (BHC).  BHC is a physician-hospital organization dedicated to improving the health of all Nebraskans while holding down rising medical costs and improving the experience we have when we become patients.  I am very excited about this opportunity.


I have been blessed with a wonderful experience and all of you have had a part in that!  Thank you so much for your trust, support, friendship, smiles and tears that made me a better physician, father and husband.


While I am not “retiring” from practicing pediatric and adolescent medicine, moving to part-time will certainly be a change for me as well as for you.  I hope to continue to care for you as much as possible.  However, due to personal needs and demands, I understand you may choose to engage one of my partners for the future.  I hope that you will continue to be a part of the Complete Children’s Health family.  I am very proud of the organization I helped to build.  Our priority has always been to center our growth and services around our patients and families from day 1.  This dream became a reality.


You will continue to see me working weekends and some evenings at the “east” and “west” locations, but I will be less available during the week.  Starting in April, I will be scheduling solely at our “north office” on Salt Creek Circle.  For those of you that prefer to continue to be seen at the West A location, Dr. Luke Anschutz is available to accept patients and Dr. Leah Hastings is accepting patients at the CCH “south location” on Hohensee Drive.


Also, we are adding a new pediatrician, Dr. Kim White, to our practice.  She will be located at our north office on Salt Creek Circle as well.  She will start accepting patients and growing her practice with us in late summer.  Dr. Dave Meduna and Dr. Sarah Matthias also have capacity to add to their practice if you are already familiar with them.


This is not a good-bye.  I just want to keep you informed of these changes and to know that I’m still around as I look forward to continuing to serve you in a new capacity.


Best regards,


Dr. Steve Russell