Starting Solids in a Baby with MSPI

Posted on: 10/06/2008

By Michelle Lingenfelter, APRN, CPNP, IBCLC

Introducing solids in the baby with MSPI will follow a slightly different path then other babies starting solids. First, you will find that your health care provider will ask that you wait until closer to 6 months of age to begin introduction of solids instead of as early as 4-6 months, allowing for your baby’s gut to mature.
Second, the particular foods that you introduce will be in a slightly different order, as your baby will be started on foods least allergenic (starting first with Vegetables, then Meats, then Fruits and finally Cereals/grains).

When introducing new foods, wait 3-5 days before introducing another new food.

No whole wheat or honey until after 1 year of age
No shellfish or peanuts until after age 2

Birth to 6 months of age
     Breast milk or Hypoallergenic/hydrolyzed formula ONLY.

6-9 months of age
     Starting with the following VEGETABLES first, usually lighter colored
     vegetables first:
          Squash, sweet potatoes, yam, potato, carrot, beet, broccoli,
          green beans, cabbage

     After working through all of the above, then offers the following MEATS:
          Turkey, Chicken, Lamb

     If tolerating all of those foods well, add the following FRUITS:
          Pear, peach, banana, apricot, nectarine, blueberry

9-12 months of age
     Babies at this age enjoy textures such as ground or chopped “finger” foods.
     By this age baby will likely have worked through all of the above foods, and
     if tolerating these well, could progress to the following foods (this may be
     sooner then 9-12 months of age):
             avocado, asparagus, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts
             veal, ham, pork, beef
             plum, prune, pineapple, grape, apple (cooked)
             start with rice, millet, arrowroot or amaranth

12-24 months
             green pea, spinach, tomato, celery, cucumber, lettuce,
             onion, lima beans, other legumes including soy
             processed meats, fish, egg
             citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime), berries (strawberries,
             corn, wheat and other grains
             if tolerating all other foods and if advised by baby’s health care
             provider, add dairy in the following order: Yogurt (plain), butter, soft
             cream cheese, processed cheeses, cottage cheese, cow’s milk, and
             lastly, ice cream

Ideas for feeding older infants with MSPI
          Soft fruits and veggies that small hands can pick up
          Non-breaded meats (Hormel naturals sliced ham or turkey, Hormel
          cubed ham)
          Tyson’s chicken nuggets
          VanDeKamp’s fish sticks
          Rotella breads, Some Hy-Vee brand breads/buns, Some Wal-Mart and
          Sara Lee brands (watch labels)
          Cooked pasta (watch labels)
          Potato or Corn chips
          Check the “gluten free” sections of grocery store.  Many gluten free
          products are also dairy free

Eating out
          Avoid McDonald’s and Burger King's buns (contain soy)
          Avoid McDonald’s chicken nuggets and chicken breast sandwich
          (contain milk)
          Avoid McDonald’s French fries (use milk for flavoring)
          McDonald’s Chicken selects are dairy free
          Burger King’s Chicken Fries are dairy free

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